Automatic Disposable Earloop Mask Making Machine

Automatic Disposable Earloop Mask Making Machine

One. Use
This production line is primarily used for the computerized formation of ear-hook flat masks, which are transported underneath the flat belt and gathered via the assembly line.
Two. Functions

  1. Computerized stress handle of uncooked supplies to guarantee that the stress of raw resources is balanced
  2. Pc PLC editing handle, higher output, robust balance, reduced failure rate
  3. Photoelectric detection of uncooked materials to avoid blunders and minimize squander
  4. Can create 2 to four levels of masks
  5. The equipment has an automated counting operate
  6. Changing diverse molds can generate masks of various dimensions and designs
  7. Higher precision of automated feeding, quick velocity
  8. Large diploma of automation can drastically minimize the operate intensity of employees
  9. Impartial operation box, easy to function, all actions are safeguarded by security..

A few. Equipment parameters

NO. Parameter things Material
one Products dimensions 6500mm(L)x3500mm(W)x1900mm(H)
2 Exterior shade CZPT standard white + gray, comply with this regular CZPT specific guidelines
3 products fat ≤5000kg, ground load ≥500KG / m2
four Functioning energy Tools 220VAC soil 5%, 5OHZ, rated energy about 12KW
five Compressed air .5 ~ .7MPa, employing stream charge of about 300L / min
6 Use environment Temperature ten ~ 35 ºC. Humidity 5-35% HR, no flammability, corrosive fuel, no dust (cleanliness no much less than one hundred,000)
seven Productiveness 80-120ppm (performance for every moment)
8 Qualification fee of gear generation ninety nine% (Incoming supplies do not meet up with demands, other than for inappropriate procedure by workers)
nine Generate way Motor / Pneumatic / Servo
10 Feeding approach Coil
eleven Procedure approach Automobile / Handbook / Jog
12 CZPT control manner PLC

4. Tools framework and system configuration
one.Overview: This production line is mainly composed of physique molding tools, distribution line transmission products, earband welding products, completed merchandise transportation line, air control system, digital handle program, etc. Zh
two.Body forming products: This module mainly includes computerized feeding mechanism, folding forming mechanism and knurling and blanking mechanism. It primarily realizes the computerized feeding of materials, the integration and layered folding of multi-layered fabrics, the compaction of fabrics soon after folding, the facet knurling and crimping of flat masks, and the operate of split reducing.
3. Split line transmission gear: This module primarily consists of the flat mask split line mechanism and the material channel conveying mechanism. It primarily realizes that every single flat mask is conveyed to two diverse silos right after getting sliced, and is conveyed by the cylinder bomb to the material path, and the content path is conveyed by the motor to the following station.
4. Earband welding products: This module primarily involves an automated earband feeding system, an earband slicing mechanism and an automated placement fastened-level welding system.It largely realizes automated feeding of earbands, chopping with a set duration, and placing the minimize earbands at a recommended place on a flat mask, and the system instantly completes ultrasonic welding of earbands and masks.
5. Air management method: Compressed gas from an external supply is purified by a precision h2o-gasoline separator. The pressure can be adjusted to offer a excellent fuel environment for each circuit component. The valve physique controls the accuracy of the cylinder piston. Place, utilizing high-top quality pneumatic parts to ensure the sensitivity and steadiness of numerous steps throughout prolonged-expression use.
six. Body: the main body of the gear, the transmission line, and so forth. are assembled from aluminum profiles, and at the identical time, warning indications are put on the components concerned in personal safety.
seven. CZPT control cabinet: use PLC management technique, air swap adopts domestic substantial-good quality air change, Schneider button, other main electrical elements such as choose change and intermediate relay are all OMRON merchandise.
8. The set up of the electrical elements of the gear complies with the related nationwide rules and has a dependable grounding device. The terminals, contactors and little air switches in the electrical box are set up in the VDE standard V-groove. Each and every electrical component is plainly marked. The electric manage cabinet employs all-plastic combing cupboards with wire trunking for very clear wire figures the management panel is clean and the subtitles on the symptoms are obvious and straightforward to see.
Five. Tools upkeep

  1. Examine the air force and the issue of every single fastener day-to-day to guarantee trustworthy use.
  2. Routinely lubricate all transferring parts and keep the products tidy.
  3. Often cleanse up the dust of the tools to avoid affecting the operation and solution good quality.
  4. The regular working time of the products is calculated from 8-10 hrs per day. If the operating time is lengthier owing to manufacturing, the inspection and update of donning elements, motors and other components must be strengthened to guarantee the security of the tools.

6. Shipping and delivery time period
25 days following the prepayment.
7. Payment strategy
L/C or T/T
8. Solutions and other

  1. The supplier’s technological employees is accountable for remotely instructing the purchaser’s staff for installation and commissioning the commissioning resources are provided by the purchaser
  2. The warranty time period of the products is half a calendar year (except injury caused by abnormal use and consumables) putting on parts are not incorporated in the warranty scope. For specifics, make sure you refer to the “putting on components record” in the instruction manual.
  3. The irregular high quality of the tools is obtained, and the source and demand from customers sides negotiate to take care of it
  4. Right after the warranty period of time expires, the provider fees labor and transportation expenses for the servicing of the tools, which involves the substitution or acquire of equipment-related equipment, and the supplier only expenses the price.
  5. The item is delivered to the customer’s selected spot (domestic) on time, and the freight is liable for by the provider.
  6. This merchandise is delivered randomly: a manual and a set of molds (if other specs are essential, the expense will be quoted independently).
  7. The customer shall offer the energy voltage / compressed air gas source and the grounding system in accordance with the electrical technical specs on the site of the consumer.


Automatic Disposable Earloop Mask Making Machine