Slitting Line Machinery, Slitting Machine, Simple Slitting Line

Slitting Line Machinery, Slitting Machine, Simple Slitting Line

slitting line equipment, slitting machine, straightforward slitting line

Description of the total machine line

Basic metal coil slitting line is utilized for slitting the carbon plate to put together for the following procedure.
1.CZPT coil automobile
The car can shift levelly and vertically, which is hassle-free for placing the metal coils into the de-coiler.
It is driven vertically by hydraulic cylinder with 4 guidebook pillars.
The degree movement is pushed by cycloid motor.
The capacity of it can attain to 15Tons(MAX)
two.CZPT cantilever de-coiler
Help the metal coil and de-coiling. And is equipped with the supporting stand
It can increase and shrink with hydraulic oil cylinder and suit with the interior gap of the steel coils.
Instant motor drives the coils operating and the motor can run correct and remaining to stop the coils managing by inertia.
3. Slitting machine
Energy portion: This is composed of electrical power-stand, decelerator,45KW direct existing motor, gear distributing situation, coupler, spindle, connecting-go over, and so forth.  
Host device: This is composed of bottom-stand, mounted bracket, massive slide, knife pivot(φ200mm, 2pcs), movable bracket, slide, the front and again adjustable system of bracket, knife pivot lifting and pressing down adjustment system, accompany of blade, shim, rubber band and so on
It adjust the blades through relocating out the bracket hydraulically and is really practical and rapidly

4.Scrap winder
It consists of base, the shaft and plate of scrap substance, friction wheel, supporting wheel chain, chain, decelerator and motor.
five.Pressure stand
It is made up of the frame, pre-dividing gadget, press and tension device and manual rollers and so on. And it is utilised to change the tension of pre-divide and recoiler to make confident the even and tight top quality.

6. CZPTiler
It adopts the hydraulic increase and shrink recoiler shaft to limited the interior gap of coils
it uses the hydraulic movable arm with the supporting spacers to ensure the even recoiling high quality.
It is outfitted with the thrust system to assist unload the coils
The motor is DC 80KW with controller to guarantee the recoiling.

Set up
If need, the seller will provide the professionals to do the set up for the entire line. It needs 2 or 3 technicians, the round tickets as nicely the lodging for these experts all need to be coated by the purchaser. And also need to pay out them USD sixty for every day per man or woman.
VI. Other conditions
1.CZPT components: twenty pieces blades(200x340x20) ,and thirty pcs spacers, a complete of oil pipe.
And shim and the rubber band as effectively as the separating rubber band will be random shipped with the knife pivot and dividing device.
two. If there is any require of extra purchasing or altering over and above this quotation, the price is an additional.

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Slitting Line Machinery, Slitting Machine, Simple Slitting Line