Ytsp500 Monoblock Filling Capping Labeling Machine for Wine

Ytsp500 Monoblock Filling Capping Labeling Machine for Wine

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Broadly utilized to a variety of industries,like cosmetic,pharmaceutical,pesticide,every day chemical,foodstuff,petrochemical.

The device is special function for filling and capping all-in one particular equipment. It is fit for all sorts of bottles of materials and designs ,This machine is CZPT for sequence of round and flat bottles. It adopts 304SS for filling, Computerized caps feeding and capping, and rising-and-falling screwing. The machine enjoys rewards of precise measurement, secure screwing and straightforward procedure,extensively employed in pharmaceuticals and beauty industry,fulfill the GMP. No bottle no filling fuction.No bottle  no capping purpose.CZPTizable numerous filling and several capping.

MTtwenty Spherical Bottle Labeling Device
Suitable for Spherical glass bottles, plastic bottles, cylindrical object. Cone of objects can be CZPT. Specifics:

  1. The Servo Motor System
  2. Clutch Design and style,make the label stress drive more steady,and straightforward to increase labeling precision.
  3. Advance shade Guy-device interface control system
  4. Adopt ZheJiang Delta PLC,Weinview Touchscreen and Servo Motor
  5. Adopt Germany ,Japan magic eye.
  6. Attributes:

Equipment construction is straightforward,compact,simple to operation and maintenance.

  • By Item require a printer or inkjet printer can be mounted for optional
  • can be stand-on your own operation, or transmission lines converge

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Power supply 220V 50Hz
Filling CZPT two
capping CZPT one
Label CZPT one
caps diamter twenty-80mm
caps peak 10-30mm
Bottle diameter ten-100mm
Botthle height 30*280mm
Label dimension size:twenty-280mm,width:ten-130mm
filling range fifty-300ml
Speed -35bottles/min
Filling Precision ≤±1% 
Air source 1.5m3/h .4-.7 Mpa
Weight seven hundred kg    
Dimension 3000*2500*1500mm

With Stainless steel body

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Ytsp500 Monoblock Filling Capping Labeling Machine for Wine