Tension Clutch for Strip & Film Industry

Tension Clutch for Strip & Film Industry


A magnetic powder clutch is a unique variety of electromagnetic clutch which does not use friction plates. Instead, it uses a fantastic powder of magnetically inclined substance (usually stainless steel) to mechanically link an or else cost-free wheeling disc connected to one shaft, to a rotor hooked up to the other shaft. When a magnetic subject is used to the powder, it forms chains connecting the disc and rotor. The energy of the chains is dependent on the energy of the magnetic field. We use the very best components CZPT for magnetic components to produce higher friction indexes, as nicely as top quality non-asbestos linings to increase reaction time and prolong doing work daily life. We will be dependable brake provider for you.

Highlighted positive aspects

one. Quickly response. Dry layout implies instant response to instructions.

two. Durability. Superb heat dissipation and quality components suggest lengthy lifestyle, even under higher frequency and large functionality conditions.

three. Easy to install and keep. Sealed bearing race removes the want for elimination of the centre main. No dust brush is necessary, and operation is simper and less complicated.

4. No adjustment of the motor. The motor is designed so that it does not need to have adjustment of the friction surface, and as soon as it is set up only quite slight changes are needed.

5. Certain motion. One-piece plate will not slip even under the strongest vibration for longer lifestyle.

6. Adjustable torque. Torque stages can be elevated or decreased by changing the recent, making it suitable for a assortment of programs.


The Schematic Diagram of powder clutch,pressure control, world wide web guidebook technique and other elements on products.


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PRE-A2 Hollow Shaft Inner Shell Rotating Type Magnetic Powder Clutch

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three-5 days right after receiving the deposit

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In accordance to diverse models


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EXW,FOB, CIF, and so forth

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TT,L/C,Western Union

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Tension Clutch for Strip & Film Industry