China Suppliers Gerotor Hydraulic Motor Omph Series Eaton Char Lynn H Series Orbit Motor

China Suppliers Gerotor Hydraulic Motor Omph Series Eaton Char Lynn H Series Orbit Motor

China Supplier Gerotor CZPT Motor Omph Eaton Char Lynn H collection orbit motor

Blince OMP series motor are modest quantity, economical variety, which is designed with shaft distribution movement,Which adapt the Gerotor equipment set design and supply compact volume, large electrical power and lower excess weight.

Attribute functions:
* Innovative production products for the Gerotor equipment set, which give tiny volume, substantial performance and prolonged existence.
* Shaft seal can bear higher stress of motor of which can be used in parallel or in series.
* Innovative building design and style, high electricity and reduced excess weight.

Solution Display:

Primary Specification:

OMP Max torque (N.m) Speed Variety (rpm) Max pressure(MPA) Max flow(L/min) Max power         (Kw)
OMP-36 30 one hundred fifty-1300 eleven 55 five.6KW
OMP-50 70 one hundred-one thousand fourteen 50 5.6KW
OMP-80 116 80-670 14 sixty five.7KW
OMP-a hundred 140 eighty-540 fourteen sixty 5.9KW
OMP-one hundred twenty five one hundred ninety 60-420 14 sixty 6.0KW
OMP-a hundred and sixty 250 50-340 14 sixty six.2KW
OMP-two hundred 300 40-275 fourteen sixty 6.4KW
OMP-250 380 30-200 fourteen sixty 6.7KW
OMP-315 420 twenty-150 12.5 sixty 6.9KW
OMP-four hundred 410 20-120 10 60 7.4KW

OMP Get imformation:

OMP Series Orbital CZPT Motor
Product OMP36,50,80,a hundred,a hundred twenty five,160,two hundred,250,315,four hundred,five hundred
Mounting Flange: one)Flange: 2 bolts Ø 13.5 Rhomb-flange, pilot Ø 82.5× eight
2)Flange: 4 bolts Ø 13.five Rhomb-flange, pilot Ø 82.5× eight
3)Flange: 4 bolts three/eight-sixteen Square-flange, pilot Ø 44.4× two.eight
four)Flange: 4 bolts M10 Sq.-flange, pilot Ø 44.4× 2.8
Output Shaft: 1)Shaft: Shaft Ø 25, parallel important 8X7X32
2)Shaft: Shaft Ø 25.4, parallel essential six.35X6.35X31.seventy five
three)Shaft: Shaft Ø 25.four, splined tooth SEA 6B
four)Shaft: Limited shaft Ø 25.4, parallel key6.35X6.35X31.seventy five
5)Shaft: Shaft Ø 32, parallel crucial 10X8X45
six)Shaft: Shaft Ø 31.75, splined tooth fourteen-DP12/24
seven)Shaft: Lengthy shaft Ø 31.seventy five, splined tooth14-DP12/24
eight)Shaft: Shaft Ø 31.75, parallel key 7.96X7.96X31.seventy five
9)Shaft: Cone shaft Ø 28.fifty six, parallel key B5X5X14
10)Shaft: Cone shaft Ø 31.75, parallel essential seven.96X7.96X25.four
Port and drain port: one) G1/2 Manifold Mount 4× M8, G1/four
two) M22× one.five Manifold Mount 4× M8, M14× 1.5
3) seven/8-fourteen O-ring manifold 4X5/16-18UNC, seven/sixteen-20UNF
4) one/2-14 NPTF Manifold 4X5/16-18UNC, 7/16-20UNF  
5) PT(RC)one/two Manifold 4xM8, PT(RC)one/4
Rotary course CZPT
Other Special operate

Relevant Merchandise:
BLINCE hydraulic motor can substitue for:  
Sauer-Danfoss orbit motor  OML/ OMM/OMP/ OMR/ OMH/ OMEW/ OMS/ OMT/ OMV
White orbit motor  WP/WG/WR/RS/DR/RE/CE/HB/WS/D9 collection
Parker orbit motor  OMP/TC/TB/TE/TH/TF/TL/TG/OMS/OMT
Eaton Char Lynn orbit motor  J/JH/JS/2K/6K/J6K/10K
M+S orbit motor  MLHM/MP/MR/MH/MS/MT/MV
SAM orbit motor  BG/BR/BS/AR/HR/HT
CZPT orbit Motor  BG Series

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China Suppliers Gerotor Hydraulic Motor Omph Series Eaton Char Lynn H Series Orbit Motor