china price Udl Series Planet Cone-Disk Stepless Motor manufacturers

Solution Description

The design and style of UDL series planet cone-disk stepless speed variator compromises the CZPT d engineering equally at residence and abroad&period 

The items incorporate the subsequent major traits&colon

one&rpar CZPT precision of speed regulating for pace variator&commaUD CZPT &colon up to &period5-1 spherical
2&rpar Huge pace-shifting variety&colon the pace ratio ranges from 1&colon1&period4 to 1&colon7 freely
three&rpar CZPT depth and CZPT serving time
4&rpar Handy to regulate speed
five&rpar Continuously workable&comma bidirectional functioning direction&commasmooth managing&comma
steady&comma and quiet
6&rpar Totally sealed and suited to any surroundings
seven&rpar Compact framework&comma modest measurement
8&rpar CZPT good quality aluminum alloy die-forged&comma classy shape&comma mild weight and CZPT -rusting
9&rpar CZPT adaptability&colon can be merged with all kinds of reducers to achieve low 
stepless pace modifying
ten&rpar Enter CZPT &colon &period18-7&period5kW

UDL sequence planeet cone-disk stepless velocity variator are commonly utilized for foodstuffs&comma ceramics&comma packing&comma chemical compounds&comma pharmacy&comma plastics&comma paper-generating&comma device-tools&comma transportation&comma and all kinds of computerized generation strains&comma pipelines and assembly lines which need to have velocity-regulation&comma It is excellent companion for your production&interval

Electrical power Model I n2&lparr&solmin&rpar M2&lparNM&rpar
&period18kw UDL0&period18 1&period6-8&period2 880-a hundred and seventy 1&period5~3
&period37kw UDL0&period37 1&period4-7 1000-two hundred 3~six
&period55kw UDL0&period55 one&period4-seven one thousand-two hundred 4~8
&period75kw UDL0&period75 one&period4-seven a thousand-two hundred 6~twelve
1&period1kw UD1&period1 1&period4-seven a thousand-two hundred 9~eighteen
1&period5kw UD1&period5 1&period4-7 1000-two hundred twelve~24
2&period2kw UD2&period2 1&period4-7 one thousand-200 eighteen~36
3kw UD3 1&period4-7 1000-two hundred 24~forty eight
4kw UD4 1&period4-seven 1000-200 32-64



These NEMA c-plane reducers are gear toughness, servicing-cost-free, and can be installed in any orientation with a slip match “O” ring design. Available in low to higher reduction ratios, flange mount or foundation mount designs, right angle or hollow shaft right angle variations. Install NEMA C-Face AC motors, brushless DC motors, and brushed DC motors. For 1/2 HP to 3 HP Motors NEMA 56C, 140TC, and 180TC Input Flange Inline Helical Equipment Reducers Proper Angle Hypoid Gear Reducers
china price Udl Series Planet Cone-Disk Stepless Motor manufacturers