china factory Nmrv Gearbox Gearmotor with Speed Variable manufacturers

Merchandise Description


RV series CZPT box / speed reducer is a new generation of items developed by CZPT company with combination of CZPT d technological innovation equally at home and abroad. It feature in:

one) Aluminium alloy die solid casing for RV 571,030,040,050,063,075,090,light excess weight and CZPT -rustingcast iron casing for RV110,130,one hundred fifty.

two) large output torque.

three) secure transmission with reduce sounds.

four) higher geat-radiation effectiveness.

5) elegant condition,modest quantity and resilient serving daily life

6) suited for omnibearing set up


The design of UDL series planet conedisk stepless speed variator compromises the advanced technology both at home and abroad. 

The products include the following main characteristics:

one) High speed regulating precision,up to 0.5-1 rotation

2) Large speed changing range:the speed ratio ranges from 1:4 to 1:7 freely

3) High in strength and long in service life

4) Convenient to regulate the speed

five) Continuous in running, front to back in running direction,smooth in driving,stable in performance and low in noise

six) Full in sealing and suitable for any environment

7) Compact in structure and small in volume

eight) Made of high-quality aluminium alloy diecast into forming,good surface,light in weight and it never gets rusty

9) Good in adaptation: UDL series planet cone-disk stepless speed variators can be combined with all kinds of speed reducers as to achieve low stepless speed changing

UDL series planet cone disk stepless speed variators are widely used for foodstuffs,ceramics,packing,chemical substances,pharmacy,plastics,paper making, mchine-equipment, transportation,and all kinds of automatic production lines,pipelines and assembly lines which need is a good companion for your production.

Model & mark

UD Mark of planetary con-disk step-less speed variator
L UDL means Aluminium alloy casing, UD refers to the cast iron casing for speed variator
.75 Relevant motor power 
NMRV Mark of worm gear speed reducer
075 Distance between the centers of worm and worm gear
50 Speed ratio of worm gear speed reducer
E E means double extension worm shaft, no mark means single extension worm shaft
F1 F means output flange, FL means high output flange and No mark means output without flange
AZ AZ means bidirectional output shaft  GZ means unilateral Output shaft
B5 Installation position code 


Q.ty o oil in litres B3 B5 B6 B7 B8 v1 v3 v5 v6
UDL0.75 .33 .45


Solitary-section motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic discipline traits of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic discipline produced by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the expansion and contraction of the stator’s magnetic area develop an electrical current in the rotor. The present makes the rotor magnetic area with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic discipline. The reverse polarity applies rotational power to the higher and decrease elements of the rotor. Because this force passes by way of the center of the rotor, it remains equal in each path, retaining the rotor stationary. If the rotor starts off to switch, it carries on to turn in the course it started out, because the rotor’s momentum produces a rotational power in that direction. Solitary-stage motors are utilised in minimal-electrical power applications such as ceiling followers, mixer grinders, and family appliances these kinds of as portable power tools.
china factory Nmrv Gearbox Gearmotor with Speed Variable manufacturers