china Custom Helical Speed Reducer – R Series 2, Gear Reducer Motor manufacturers

Solution Description

CZPT cal CZPT Reducer – R Collection
-Have adpoted modularization design, massive speed variety and rational and fine assignment
-fourteen sizes from 07-167, with CZPT scope from .09kw to 160kw
-The housing layout is suited for CZPT mounting.
-The speed ration covers from 1.3 to 289.seventy four, so the CZPT er can decide on the one as they need.
-Gear wheel right after large good grinding makes stably operating, low sound and the efficiency in between two close to phases reaching to 98%.
-DRC made for certain lower speed instances extends the ration of RC to 27000.

Primary Materials
-Housing: Die cast aluminum alloy (body size: 07-27) Forged iron (frame dimension: 37-167)
-Gear wheel: 20cr metal, carburization and nitrating treatment (the hardness of tooth is HRC60 and the thickness of harden layer is more than .5mm soon after fine grinding)
-Simple important: forty five steel and the hardness of surface area is HRC50.

Arm sort set up, and output by way of hollow or sound shaft.
3. Input kinds: Coupled-kind motor, input via strong shaft or by coupling flange.

AC motors differ from numerous other varieties of motors, particularly some of the far more acquainted DC (immediate existing) motors, by several important conditions. The most fundamental of these is the reality that an AC motor depends fully on the alternating recent around its circuit to make efficient mechanical strength. We’ll talk about this unique process in much more depth in the pursuing sections of this manual.
china Custom Helical Speed Reducer - R Series 2, Equipment Reducer Motor producers