Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth Used in Pipe Insulation

Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth Used in Pipe Insulation

Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Fabric Utilised In Pipe Insulation

Aluminum foil/movie laminated fiberglass materials

    The blend of laminating an aluminum metallic/movie warmth shield to a layer of protective fiberglass insulation, utilizing fiberglass as the foundation cloth and unique fireplace-resistant adhesive agent, it can safeguard staff or equipment by reflecting radiant warmth. Our aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth has a lot of superb houses this sort of as the smooth surface area on the aluminum foil, non-h2o permeability, excellent hermetic and climate resistance, robust mild reflection, excellent stretching resistance in size and breadth, non-breath capability.

-A single side or equally sides aluminum foil/film laminated CZPT.

-The thickness of aluminum foils CZPT from .1mm to 3mm

-Width of materials CZPT from 1000mm to 3000mm.

Primary apps:

one.Thermal insulating supplies of the steam heating pipelines
two.Fireproof packing materials
3.Wrapping resources of oil transportation pipelines and steam pipelines
4.Warmth-retardant curtains or screens
5.Thermal insulation handles, mattress, and  pads
six.Welding/fire protection
7.Safety fabric and apron
8.Other fireplace and smoke control systems

Specification Fat
(g/mtwo)   (oz/yd2)
(mm)  (inch)
GF200E-AL114-6001    240    0.2   .0079 silver bright
GF430C-AL114-6002    470       thirteen.9    .4   .0157 silver bright
GF600C-AL118-6003    650       19.2 .6   .5716 silver bright
GF600C-AL118-6004    650       19.two    .6   .5716 silver vibrant
TGF580-AL122-6005    640       18.nine    .75  .5715 silver vivid
TGF1000-AL118-6006    1050      31    one.5   .571 silver bright
GF800C-AL118-6011    850    .75  .5715 silver vibrant
GF800C-AL118-6012    850       25.1    .75  .5715 silver bright
GF200E-AL114-6013    240       7.1    .2   .0079 silver bright
TGF1000-AL120-6015    1100      32.four    one.5   .571 silver bright
TGF816-AL118-6017    866       25.5     1   . 0571 silver vivid
TGF640E-AL114-6018    700       20.6    .65  .5716 silver vivid

Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth Used in Pipe Insulation