High Torque Hight Rpm 24V 400W Brushless DC Servo Motor for Sale

High Torque Hight Rpm 24V 400W Brushless DC Servo Motor for Sale

This is our new merchandise,servo motor,it is utilised in AGV vehicle,Robotic driving system, tracked cars.Motor energy up to 200w/500W/800W/1000W/one.5kw(2hp).volt is 48V,speed is 1500r/min.
1.Safety grade:IP65, insulation quality:F 

two.Winding overhang structure optimization, to minimize the copper loss and iron decline minimization, tiny volume, light fat, low temperature increase, large efficiency
three.Super high coercivity, the greatest magnetic strength merchandise NdFe35 everlasting magnetic resources, strong resistance to demagnetization, motor efficiency is secure.
four.Minimal sounds, low vibration, lower second of inertia.
five.High torque, fast dynamic response, vast velocity variety, sturdy overload potential (four occasions)

 1.Merchandise Characteristics:

a. Protection quality:IP55, insulation quality:F
b. Winding overhang composition optimization, to lessen the copper reduction and iron decline minimization, little volume, light bodyweight, lower temperature increase, substantial effectiveness
c. Super high coercivity, the maximum magnetic energy item NdFe35 everlasting magnetic resources, robust resistance to demagnetization, motor performance is stable.
d. Low sounds, low vibration, minimal second of inertia.
e. High torque, rapidly dynamic reaction, vast speed selection, sturdy overload capability (4 moments)



1)Higher Torque to inertia ratio&up to 15000Nm/kgm²

2)Fast dynamic reaction *time continuous <20ms

3)Vast velocity modifying&opinions up to 1000:1

four)Steady pace precision up to .five%

five)High overload,2Mn/30s,three.5N.m/10s

six)Small quantity and mild

seven)Silent,the cheapest noise is only 45dB(A)

8)Secured with IP55,Class F insulation


3.Business course:

a. The altitude ought to be more than a thousand meters over sea degree
b. Atmosphere temperature:-25ºC~+50ºC
c. The month average tallest relative humidity is 90%,at the identical the month typical most affordable temperature is considerably less than 25ºC

High Torque Hight Rpm 24V 400W Brushless DC Servo Motor for Sale