Electrical AC Fan Induction Motor for Drying Machine

Electrical AC Fan Induction Motor for Drying Machine

Spin dryer Equipment Motor

Motor Description:

1.Our motors efficiency(knowledge) are for every customers` requirments.

2.Motor wires are cooper and some could be used aluminium wire to help save price

3.Motors could be employed ball bearing and oil bear(Sleeve bearing) the two.

four.Insulation Course B
   withstand voltage:1800V/S/.5mA
   Rotation:CW (see from the shaft side)
   Interturn Isulation:>2100V
   Life span:>3800 Hrs (constant operating).Regular use:ten years
   Operation Temperature/Humidity Variety:-40°C to +65°C, %~95%

5.Risk-free,dependable, low sounds, high performance,qualities tough, excellent and steady commencing, extended existence, and so on.

six.Standard  Application: Exhaust enthusiast, air purifier, micro-oven, enthusiast, induction cooker, refrigerator, pump, heater, hood oven, blwer, air conditioner, Heater devices, dehumidifiers

seven.Motor Specification as underneath chart


Design Voltage 
Rated Speed
Output Power
( W)
CZPTt Torque
Max Torque
YYG-60 220 fifty 7 B 2800 60 forty .3 .5
YYG-sixty a hundred and twenty sixty 28 B 3200 sixty 40 .3 .45
YYG-fifty 220 50 5 B 1350 50 35 .four .55
YYG-sixty five 220 fifty five B 1350 sixty five 40 .45 .65
YYG-75 220 50 6 B 1350 75 forty five .forty eight .seven
YYG-90 220 fifty seven B 1350 ninety 45 .5 .75

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Electrical AC Fan Induction Motor for Drying Machine