china price Mechanical Speed Variator with Variable Ratio Gear Box Udl0.18 manufacturers

Item Description

1) CZPT precision of pace regulating for velocity variator,UD CZPT : up to .5-1 spherical
2) Huge pace-changing variety: the velocity ratio ranges from 1:1.4 to 1:7 freely
three) CZPT depth and CZPT serving time
four) Practical to control pace
five) Repeatedly workable, bidirectional operating route,easy managing,
stable, and tranquil
6) Entirely sealed and suitable to any surroundings
7) Compact framework, little dimension
eight) CZPT good quality aluminum alloy die-forged, elegant shape, light-weight bodyweight and CZPT -rusting
nine) CZPT adaptability: can be merged with all varieties of reducers to obtain low 
stepless pace changing
ten) Input CZPT : .eighteen-7.5kW

Electrical power Model I n2(r/min) M2(NM)
.18kw UDL0.eighteen one.6-8.two 880-a hundred and seventy 1.5~3
.37kw UDL0.37 one.4-7 one thousand-200 3~6
.55kw UDL0.fifty five 1.4-7 one thousand-two hundred 4~eight
.75kw UDL0.75 1.4-seven a thousand-200 six~12
one.1kw UD1.1 one.4-7 1000-two hundred nine~18
one.5kw UD1.five 1.4-seven a thousand-200 12~24
2.2kw UD2.two 1.4-7 1000-two hundred eighteen~36
3kw UD3 1.4-seven one thousand-200 24~forty eight
4kw UD4 1.4-seven a thousand-200 32-64

These NEMA c-plane reducers are equipment power, routine maintenance-free of charge, and can be installed in any orientation with a slip suit “O” ring design. Accessible in lower to high reduction ratios, flange mount or base mount variations, right angle or hollow shaft proper angle versions. Install NEMA C-Face AC motors, brushless DC motors, and brushed DC motors. For 1/2 HP to 3 HP Motors NEMA 56C, 140TC, and 180TC Input Flange Inline Helical Gear Reducers Correct Angle Hypoid Gear Reducers
china price Mechanical Speed Variator with Variable Ratio Gear Box Udl0.18 manufacturers