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Item Description

Quick Particulars
Product:                        UDL                                                                                                                   Brand Identify:                  CZPT
Input CZPT :              1400/min                                                                                                         Output CZPT :                880~one thousand/min
Ratio:                          1.4~7                                                                                                                Output Torque:               1.5~118Nm
Shade:                          Blue/Gray or on request                                                                                Origin:                              ZHangZhoug, CZPT (Mainland)         
Guarantee:                   1 Year                                                                                                                Application:                    Business    

Provide Potential
Supply Ability:            20000 Piece/Parts for each Month
Packaging & Supply
Package:                    CZPT wooden Situation or CZPT ized.
Port:                            HangZhou/ZheJiang  or on request     


Kind Step-less CZPT Variator
Model UDL series dimensions:002,005,571,571,030,050,a hundred
RATIO 1.4~7
Shade Blue(RAL5571)/Silver gray (RAL9571) or on your request
Material Housing:UDL 002,005,571 CZPT Alloy UDL 571,030,050,a hundred Cast Iron
PACKING Polywood Situation or CZPT ized.
Guarantee 1 Yr
Enter CZPT .18kw,.37kw,.55kw,.75kw,1.1kw,1.5kw,2.2kw,3.0kw,4.0kw,5.5kw,7.5kw
USAGES Foodstuffs, Ceramics, Packing, CZPT s, Pharmacy, CZPT , Paper-producing, CZPT -resources
IEC FLANGE IEC standard flange or on ask for

  PAM P N M D b t T
UDL002 63B5 one hundred forty 95 a hundred and fifteen M8 eleven four 12.eight 4
UDL005/TXF005 71B5 a hundred and sixty one hundred ten one hundred thirty M8 14 five sixteen.3 five
UDL571/TXF571 80B5 200 a hundred thirty one hundred sixty five M10 19 six 21.8 6
UDL571 90B5 two hundred a hundred thirty one hundred sixty five M10 24 8 27.3 6
UDL030/050 100B5/112B5 250 a hundred and eighty 215 M12 28 8 31.three 6
UDL100 132B5 300 230 265 M12 38 10 41.3 six

About CZPT gda since 1984
HangZhou Melchizedek CZPT & Export Co., Ltd. is a chief manufactur in system subject and punching/stamp
ing field considering that 1984. Our primary product, NMRV CZPT pace reducer and series CZPT cal gearbox, XDR,
XDF, XDK, XDShave reached the CZPT d strategy index of the congeneric CZPT pean and Janpanese produc
ts, We provide common gears, sprockets, chains, pulleys, couplings, bushes and so on. We also can take orders
of  CZPT -normal merchandise, these kinds of as gears, shafts, punching components ect, according to CZPT ers’ Drawings or sam-

Our firm has complete set of products such as CNC, lathes, milling equipment, gear hobbing equipment, g-
ear grinding equipment, gear honing machine, gear shaping equipment, worm grinder, grinding devices, drilling m-
achines, boringmachines, planer, drawing benches, punches, hydraulic presses, plate shearing devices and s-
o on. We have CZPT d testing equipments also. 

Our firm has proven favorable cooperation relationships with sub-suppliers involving casting, raw mat-
erial, warmth therapy, floor finishing and so on.


These NEMA c-plane reducers are gear toughness, routine maintenance-cost-free, and can be set up in any orientation with a slip fit “O” ring layout. Available in low to higher reduction ratios, flange mount or base mount types, appropriate angle or hollow shaft right angle variations. Set up NEMA C-Face AC motors, brushless DC motors, and brushed DC motors. For 1/2 HP to 3 HP Motors NEMA 56C, 140TC, and 180TC Input Flange Inline Helical Gear Reducers Appropriate Angle Hypoid Gear Reducers
china near me shop Udl Series Worm Gearbox manufacturers