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Solution Description

ZVF300 Sequence AC CZPT have the pursuing function.
Skip frequency, Jog function, Counter, Rotation pace monitoring, Momentary CZPT loss restart, Frequency higher/reduced restricting, Acceleration/ Deceleration method can be adjusted, Frequency meter and Voltmeter output, Multi-speed/ program working, Two wire manner/ a few wire manner manage, Wobble frequency handle, Multi-operate enter terminal variety, Fault vehicle reset, RS485 serial communication.

ZVF300 Collection frequency CZPT is suited for all kinds of units these kinds of as metallurgy, plastic,   textile equipment ,   paper manufacturing machinery, food machinery, petrification equipment, drugs manufacture, metal and iron equipment , printing system ,  packing machinery , blower supporter, water pump,hoisting gear , building materials  and so on for driving  and dashing handle of AC asynchronous motor .


Inverter Model Power
   Dimension (mm)
H H1 W W1 D d
ZVF300-G090/P110T4M 90/one hundred ten 176/210 720 702 365 240 360 9

Specification and CZPT nical Indications

Item Item Description
Input Rated voltage& Frequency One /Three period 220VAC . A few section 380V.50Hz/60Hz
Allowable Voltage range Voltage fluctuate assortment:-20%~+twenty%
Voltage unbalance rate:<3%Frequency fluctuation:≤5%
Output Rated voltage a few phase ~  input AC voltage
Frequency .00~600.00Hz
Overload potential Variety G:a hundred and fifty% 1minute,180% 1 CZPT ,200% transient security
Variety P:120% 1minute,one hundred fifty% 1 CZPT ,a hundred and eighty% transient protection
Management Perform Modulation manner Optimal area voltage vector PWM modulation
Handle manner Sensorless  vector management (SVC), V/F manage . Torque handle
Frequency precision
Electronic location::Max. Frequency×±0.01%
Analog environment:Max. Frequency×±0.2%
Frequency resolution Digital placing :.01HZ
Analog placing :Max. Frequency x0.1%.
Starting frequency .00~ten.00Hz
Torque raise Computerized torque carry: To raise the torque routinely in accordance to the output present.
Guide torque lift, Selection: .1_30.%
Slip compensation Placing selection:~150%,The inverter output frequency can be auto-regulated inside this assortment in accordance to the motor load, so as to lessen the speed variation of the motor owing to load fluctuation.
Minutes/Seconds can be selected as time device ..1~3600 can be established in sequence .
Carrier frequency 1.~fifteen.0KHz
Jog purpose Jog frequency variety:.01~600.00Hz,
Jog acceleration /deceleration time .1~3600. can be established.
V/F curve 1:linear curve2:quadratic3:consumer outlined V/F curve

PACKING Dimensions

Inverter Model  Power (kW ) Present(A) Packing Size  (mm ) Gross Weight (kg) Net Weight (kg)
ZVF300-G090/P110T4M ninety/110kW 380V 176A 800*495*485mm/1PCS 64kg 57kg

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AC motors vary from numerous other varieties of motors, especially some of the far more familiar DC (immediate present) motors, by a number of important criteria. The most fundamental of these is the simple fact that an AC motor depends completely on the alternating present around its circuit to make efficient mechanical vitality. We’ll discuss this unique method in much more depth in the adhering to sections of this manual.
china near me shop Chziri VFD 90kw 380V Frequency Inverter for Motor 50/60Hz manufacturers