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Product Description

Main Characteristics:

ZVF300 Collection inverters are large performance open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and everlasting synchronous motors.

one. Output frequency: -600Hz.

2. A number of password protection method

3. Distant management operation keypad, handy for distant handle.

four. V/F curve &multi-inflection level location, adaptable configuration.

five. Keyboard parameter copy perform. Easy to set the parameters for multi-inverters.

6. Wide business application. To grow unique function according to diverse industries.

seven. Numerous hardware and application safety and optimized hardware for anti-interference technologies.

eight. Multi-stage speed and wobble frequency working (exterior terminal 15 actions speed management).

9. CZPT adaptive control engineering. CZPT recent limiting and voltage restricting and under-voltage restrain.

ten. Optimized external set up and interior construction and unbiased air flue design and style, totally enclosed electrical room design.

11. Output automated voltage regulation perform. (AVR), instantly change the output pulse width. To eliminate the influence of the grid modify on load.

12. Built-in PID regulation function to facilitate the realization of shut loop control of the temperature, stress and flow. And minimize the value of the management system.

thirteen. Regular MODBUS communication protocol. Straightforward to achieve the conversation among PLC, IPC and other industrial equipments.

Inverter Outline Dimension (Unit:mm)

Inverter Model  Power (kW ) Current(A) Packing Size  (mm ) Gross Weight (kg) Net Weight (kg)
ZVF300-G5R5/P7R5T4MD five.5/7.5kW 380V 13/17A 515*387*265mm/4PCS 16kg 14kg

Design Selection for ZVF300 Frequency Converter

Product Electricity(kW) H H1 W W1 D d Packing Dimension(mm) G.W.(kg)
ZVF300-G0R7T4MD .75kW 185 175 118 108 170 four 505*455*265mm/6PCS 16kg
ZVF300-G1R5T4MD one.5kW 185 175 118 108 one hundred seventy four
ZVF300-G2R2T4MD 2.2kW 185 a hundred seventy five 118 108 a hundred and seventy four
ZVF300-G3R7/P5R5T4MD three.7kW/5.5kW 215 205 145 a hundred thirty five 193 four 515*387*265mm/4PCS 16kg
ZVF300-G5R5/P7R5T4MD five.5kW/7.5kW 215 205 a hundred forty five 135 193 4
ZVF300-G7R5/P011T4MD 7.5kW/11kW 265 23 185 174 215 5.5 490*315*280mm/2PCS 12kg
ZVF300-G011/P015T4MD 11kW/15kW 265 253 185 174 215 five.5

CHZIRI Bundle for 5.5kW Frequency Converter

 CHZIRI Customers

CHZIRI Certification

Scope of application:

CHZIRI frequency inverter used at the metallurgy,plastomer,textile,foodstuff-things,petroleum,chemical sector,paper-creating,pharmacy,printing,creating material,crane,music spring.h2o source systerm and all sorts of equipment tools.As AC asynchronous motor’s driving and speed control.

Frequency Converter can use in the pursuing environmental

Ambient Location to be utilized Indoor place free from immediate publicity to sun light, high humidity or dew condensation, large stages of dust, corrosive fuel, explosive gasoline, inflammable gas, oil mist, salt and and so forth
Altitude Below a thousand M
Ambient Temperature -10 C to +forty five C (Bare CZPT : -10 C to+fifty C)
Humidity 20%-90% RH without dew condensation
Vibration <0.5G
Storage temperature -20~+60C
Structure Protection  course IP20
Cooling mode Forced air cooling
Installation mode Wall mounted or ground-sort actuator

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china near me shop Chziri Variable Frequency Drive VSD Drives manufacturers