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Solution Description

Large CZPT Beveling Edging Processing CZPT For CZPT CZPT . angle forty five° 


Technical Specs:
Processing velocity .8~4.1m/min dimensions 30×30mm
Glass Thickness 3~19mm
Bevel width 40mm
Bevel angle(θ) 3°~45°   
Size of complete equipment(mm) 7800X1400X2500mm
Weight(kg) 4250KG
Power(kw) 22.83KW
spindles 9pcs


Wheel disposal Wheel function Diamond wheel Rough beveling
No.2 Diamond wheel Rough beveling
No.3 Diamond wheel Bottom grinding
(pencil edge)
No.four Resin wheel Fine beveling
No.5 Resin wheel Good beveling
No.6 Resin wheel Good beveling Wool wheel Bevel polishing
No.eight Wool wheel Bevel sharpening
No.9 Wool wheel Bevel polishing

Common Data:

  1. Tough grinding, wonderful grinding, polishing of beveling edge and grinding of base edge can be completed at one time.
  2. The processing velocity is adjustable with variator which gives a wide assortment of pace selection.
  3. Input and output conveyors adopt timing belt which can increase the security of transmission.
  4. The grinding wheels are connected to the motors straight, which is convenient to change and maintain.
  5. Rear beam can be altered up and down which is appropriate for processing small pieces of glass.
  6. PLC method manage.

Procedure Situation:
Electricity offer: AC220V, 380V, 415V ±10%  3φ  50Hz/60Hz±2%
Surroundings: Temperature: 1~40ºC
Wheels Disposal
8 spindles for the bevel.
one spindles for bottom.
★ Products purchase can be produced according to CZPT er’s ask for. Our firm reserves the appropriate to renew and revise as effectively as stop the technology depending on layout requirements.



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china near me shop 3~45 Degree Bevel Angle Straight-Line Beveling Machine producers