china near me Hollow Shaft 45mm RV130 Cast Iron Worm Gearbox From China manufacturers

Merchandise Description


Product Description

Principal Functions:
1) Produced of high quality aluminum alloy, light fat and CZPT -rusting
2) Huge output torque and large radiating performance
3) Sleek managing and lower noise, can function CZPT time in dreadful problem
four) CZPT -searching physical appearance, tough services life and tiny quantity
5) Ideal for omnibearing set up
Major CZPT :
1)housing:aluminium alloy ADC12(dimensions 571-090) die cast iron HT200(dimension one hundred ten-a hundred and fifty)
two)Worm:20Cr, ZI Involute profile carbonize&quencher warmth treatment make gear area hardness up to 56-62 HRC Soon after precision grinding, carburization layer’s thickness amongst .3-.5mm.
three)Worm Wheel:wearable stannum alloy CuSn10-one
Blend Options:
Enter:with enter shaft, With square flange,With IEC normal input flange
Output:with torque arm, output flange, one output shaft, double output shaft, plastic include
Worm reducers are CZPT with diffferent combinations: NMRV+NMRV, NMRV+NRV, NMRV+Computer, NMRV+UDL, NMRV+MOTORS

In depth Photographs

Solution Parameters

 Old Model        New Model     Ratio     Center Distance  Electricity Input Dia.  Output Dia.    Output Torque Weight
RV571     7.5~100   25mm   .06KW~.12KW  Φ9 Φ11 21N.m  .7kgs
RV030 RW030 7.5~100 30mm   .06KW~.25KW Φ9(Φ11) Φ14 45N.m  one.2kgs
RV040 RW040 7.5~one hundred 40mm   .09KW~.55KW Φ9(Φ11,Φ14) Φ18(Φ19) 84N.m  2.3kgs
RV050 RW050 seven.5~one hundred 50mm   .12KW~1.5KW Φ11(Φ14,Φ19) Φ25(Φ24) 160N.m  3.5kgs
RV063 RW063 7.5~a hundred 63mm   .18KW~2.2KW Φ14(Φ19,Φ24) Φ25(Φ28) 230N.m  6.2kgs
RV075 RW075 seven.5~a hundred 75mm   .25KW~4.0KW Φ14(Φ19,Φ24,Φ28)  Φ28(Φ35) 410N.m  nine.0kgs
RV090 RW090 7.5~one hundred 90mm   .37KW~4.0KW Φ19(Φ24,Φ28) Φ35(Φ38) 725N.m  13.0kgs
RV110 RW110 7.5~100 110mm   .55KW~7.5KW Φ19(Φ24,Φ28,Φ38)   Φ42 1050N.m  35.0kgs
RV130 RW130 7.5~one hundred 130mm   .75KW~7.5KW Φ24(Φ28,Φ38) Φ45 1550N.m  48.0kgs
RV150 RW150 7.5~100 150mm     2.2KW~15KW Φ28(Φ38,Φ42) Φ50   eighty four.0kgs

Exploded View:

GMRV Define Dimension:

GMRV A B C C1 D(H8) E(h8) F G G1 H H1 I M N O P Q R S T BL β b t V  
030 eighty ninety seven 54 44 14 55 32 56 63 65 29 55 forty 57 thirty seventy five forty four six.5 21 5.5 M6*10(n=4) 5 16.3 27
040 one hundred 121.five 70 sixty 18(19) 60 43 seventy one seventy eight 75 36.5 70 50 seventy one.5 40 87 fifty five 6.five 26 six.five M6*ten(n=4) 45° six 20.8(21.8) 35
050 120 a hundred and forty four eighty 70 25(24) 70 49 eighty five 92 eighty five forty three.five 80 60 84 50 100 64 8.5 30 7 M8*twelve(n=4) 45° 8 28.3(27.3) 40
063 one hundred forty four 174 one hundred eighty five twenty five(28) 80 sixty seven 103 112 95 53 ninety five seventy two 102 sixty three 110 eighty eight.5 36 8 M8*12(n=8) 45° 8 28.3(31.3) 50
075 172 205 a hundred and twenty 90 28(35) ninety five 72 112 one hundred twenty 115 57 112.5 86 119 75 one hundred forty 93 11 40 ten M8*14(n=8) 45° eight(ten) 31.3(38.3) sixty
090 206 238 a hundred and forty one hundred 35(38) 110 74 130 one hundred forty one hundred thirty 67 129.five 103 a hundred thirty five 90 one hundred sixty 102 13 45 11 M10*sixteen(n=8) 45° ten 38.3(forty one.3) 70
110 255 295 170 one hundred fifteen forty two 130 one hundred forty four one hundred fifty five 165 74 one hundred sixty 127.five 167.5 a hundred and ten two hundred one hundred twenty five 14 50 fourteen M10*eighteen(n=8) 45° twelve forty five.three 85
one hundred thirty 293 335 200 120 45 180 a hundred and fifty five one hundred seventy 215 eighty one 179 146.5 187.five 130 250 a hundred and forty sixteen 60 fifteen M12*twenty(n=8) 45° fourteen 48.eight 100
one hundred fifty 340 400 240 a hundred forty five 50 one hundred eighty 185 two hundred 215 ninety six 210 a hundred and seventy 230 150 250 a hundred and eighty 18 72.five 18 M12*22(n=8) 45° fourteen fifty three.eight  120  

Company Profile

About CZPT Transmission:
We are a professional reducer manufacturer positioned in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug province.
Our foremost products is  full variety of RV571-a hundred and fifty worm reducers , also supplied GKM hypoid CZPT cal gearbox, GRC inline CZPT cal gearbox, Pc models, UDL Variators and AC CZPT s, G3 CZPT cal gear motor.
Products are broadly employed for programs such as: foodstuffs, ceramics, packing, chemical compounds, pharmacy, plastics, paper-making, building machinery, metallurgic mine, environmental security CZPT , and all types of automated traces, and assembly traces.
With CZPT supply, exceptional right after-revenue provider, CZPT d producing facility, CZPT products market well  both at home and abroad. We have exported CZPT reducers to CZPT Asia, CZPT ern CZPT pe and the Middle CZPT and so on.Our purpose is to create and innovate on the basis of large high quality, and generate a good status for reducers.

We participate Germany Hannver Exhibition-ZheJiang PTC Fair-Turkey Earn Eurasia

Packaging & CZPT

  Packing info:Plastic Bags+Cartons+Wood Situations , or on request

Set up Directions

To install the reducer, it is essential to observe the adhering to troubles:
1)Verify the correct rotation path of output shaft prior to fitting reducer to equipment.
two)Before mounting, pls examine shaft diameter, bore diameter, important and keyway, to be certain their dimension are not deviation In order to preserve very good functionality, also pls avoid assembling too limited or way too unfastened. 
three)Reducer have to be mounted to machines stably to avoid vibration.
4)Every time feasible,defend the reducer from photo voltaic radiation and bad weather.
5)In the situation of specifically lengthy period of storage(4-6 months), if the oil seal is not immersed in lubricant within the device, it is advised to modify it given that the rubber could adhere to the shaft or may even have missing the elasticity.
6)Painting should definitely not go above rubber parts and the holes on breather plug if any.
7)When join with hollow or reliable shaft, pls grease the joint to keep away from lock or oxidation.
8)Examine the appropriate lubricant stage by means of indicator if there is a single.
9)Starting need to consider area gradually, with out instantly applying the greatest load.
ten)When employing CZPT of motors to match reducer directly, supporting unit is essential if motor is as well large.
11)Guarantee excellent warmth dissipation by trying to keep good air flow around the motor supporter.
twelve)In the scenario of ambient temperature40ºC, pls contact the specialized section.

Following Income Service

1.Servicing Time and Guarantee:Within 1 year right after obtaining products.
2.Other ServiceSuch as modeling choice manual, set up manual, and issue resolution information, etc.


1.Q:Can you make as per CZPT er drawing?
   A: Of course, we supply CZPT ized support for CZPT ers appropriately. We can use CZPT er’s nameplate for gearboxes.
2.Q:What is your terms of payment ?
   A: thirty% deposit prior to creation,stability T/T ahead of shipping.
three.Q:Are you a trading organization or company?
   A:We are a manufacurer with CZPT d products and skilled employees.
4.Q:What is your production potential?
   A:8000-9000 PCS/Month
five.Q:Totally free sample is CZPT or not?
   A:Indeed, we can offer free sample if CZPT er agree to pay out for the courier price
six.Q:Do you have any certification?
   A:Sure, we have CE certificate and SGS certification report.

Contact info:
Ms Lingel Pan
For any concerns just really feel cost-free ton contact me. Several thanks for your kind attention to CZPT organization!

Induction motors, also known as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction produced by the magnetic subject of the stator to generate recent in the rotor, thereby generating torque. These motors do not operate at a velocity in sync with the current, that’s why the identify. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical strength into mechanical strength. Induction motor rotors are the most frequent sort of AC motor identified in pumps, compressors, and other equipment of all types.
china near me Hollow Shaft 45mm RV130 Cast Iron Worm Gearbox From China manufacturers