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Merchandise Description

MJZXJ-1A-2400 CZPT matic Folder Gluer & Strapping CZPT


Introduction of the device:
MJZXJ-1 product CZPT matic Folder gluer device is composed of feeding part, glue and folding element, stacker element, pace managed by PLC, paper width is modified by Contact Laptop, device procedure is easy and precise, machine with computerized paper feeding operate, automatic glue and fold operate, computerized counting, computerized stacking and double conversion procedure, the normal speed is 160pcs/min, CZPT . speed can be 220 pcs/min, this device is your best choose which is energy-effective and environmental defense.



Operate and characteristic:
1. CZPT matic carton folding and at same time to end the tape paste which is conserve time and labor pressure
two. Can be utilised for distinct dimensions cartons and dimension alter is easy and CZPT .
three. CZPT operate is stable and dependable, packing end result is strong and nice.
four. CZPT operation is easy and easy for upkeep.
5. CZPT matic collimator angle, one hundred eighty degree correction, successful corrective the carton show up fork and tail phenomenon.
The merchandise framework:
one. Handle Panel:

Touch Screen Input operation is straightforward, device undertake PLC controller, electronic function, touch monitor enter which can change day or speed  or other folks with no cease device, machine can be car-feed paperboard, car-folding, auto-counting and car-stacking output, typical speed is 160pcs/min and CZPT . pace is 220 pcs/min.

2. Feeding part

one) Paperboard top adjustment element is adopt large quality metal, can quick alter different specification cartons, this sort of as top and duration.
two) The suction belt of feeding portion adopts the high-tech supplies, stress layer seamless joint the girdle which defend equipment almost everything effectively in operating.
three) Suction motor and primary motor of feeding portion adopts ZheJiang manufacturer which is higher security.
four) Undertake the substantial good quality electromagnetic clutch and brake method so that make feeding component can be solitary paper or continuous operation which powerful handle the paperboard squander and output precision.
5) Pat part of feeding has effective minimize error of guide procedure and enhance the stability of paper feed.
3. Folding and gluing element:

1. CZPT undertake CZPT pean brand, with function of steadiness, velocity adjustment fast and with no sound pollution
two. Seamless joint ring conveyor belt of folding portion undertake imported specific substance which is high friction and higher dress in-resisting, can finish automatic folding properly
three. Gluing portion undertake higher quality stainless metal gluing wheels, glue coated evenly,and can successful to save glue.
4. Folding element outfitted with single channel creasing correction and 6 coining device which can precision and productive to correct paperboard’s urgent line deviation and make carton end folding properly.
four. Correction stacking output component:

one. Stacking component has functions of car-counting, stack neatly and stacking output, CZPT er can established the output quantity of cartons by himself.
2. CZPT matic correction, stepless velocity variator correction, automated correct CZPT -normal cartons.

5. Parts introduction:
one) CZPT is 380V/AC, CZPT is 11.5kw, power conservation and higher efficiency.
2) PLC computer parts,frequency elements and electric powered appliance all undertake large high quality imported components.
3) Belt adopts CZPT ring and seamless belt.
4) CZPT undertake CZPT brand name “TR bearing”
5) Spiral screw,guide screw and nut all undertake forty five# stainless steel with quench treatment.
six) CZPT nut adopt high good quality copper (ZQSn10-1), use-resisting and resilient, CZPT life and push precision is large.
seven) Copper bush(ZQSn6-6-3) with oil lubrication, wear-resisting and sturdy
eight) CZPT is managed by wireless remote unit, can adjust paper size speedy and conveniently

6. CZPT parameters: (Overall 8tons)

Product MJZXJ-1-8571 MJZXJ-1-1571 MJZXJ-1-1224 MJZXJ-1-1424
Max. Size 800*2000mm a thousand*2400mm 1200*2400mm 1400*2400mm
Min. Measurement 170*470mm 260*650mm 260*650mm 260*650mm
Installation spot 3200*11500mm 3400*12500mm 3600*12500mm 3800*13500mm
Power Essential fifteen.0KW fifteen.0KW 15.0KW 15.0KW
Max. Working CZPT 220m/min 220m/min 220m/min 220m/min
Typical working CZPT 200m/min 200m/min 200m/min 200/min
Device CZPT ght 6800kg 7500kg 7500kg 8000kg

Observe: If you require any other size, kindly really feel totally free to allow us know. We can make the machine primarily based on your dimensions.
7. CZPT ctric managing portion of CZPT matic folder gluer
MJZXJ-1 CZPT matic folder gluer is refer to CZPT pean requirements, doing work efficiency is risk-free and dependable, easy operation and maintenance hassle-free. The machine is managed by the CZPT paper feeding portion, correction part on end, fold portion of the remaining facet and right aspect in center, this design is significantly humanization and usefulness for operation. This equipment undertake worldwide CZPT manufacturer colour contact human-machine interface and Japan CZPT PLC controller, touch human-machine interface and the PLC are reserved system up grade interface which Practical for gear up grade. CZPT major CZPT adopt ZheJiang nicely-acknowledged brand name “OT”, also equipped with two CZPT TD Variable frequency governor to make device synchronous adjustment, velocity is steady and dependable, strength conservation and environmental protection (electricity preserving fee is about 35%), and put into action secure security for motor (when the voltage is too substantial or as well reduced, motor overheating or current is also massive, the inverter will computerized alarm and end operate. A corresponding alarm code will screen on the man-equipment interface screen monitor). All electric powered control contactor adopt CZPT ac contactor, and equipped with matched thermal overload, these effective to defend the clean working of the device. CZPT ry outside CZPT offer wires all undertake aviation plug-in relationship which make the disassembling and routine maintenance a lot more conveniently, Plate use English and graphical to make clear the button purpose, make operators far more effortless to understand.



AC motors vary from a lot of other varieties of motors, especially some of the far more familiar DC (immediate existing) motors, by a number of essential criteria. The most standard of these is the fact that an AC motor relies entirely on the alternating existing around its circuit to make efficient mechanical power. We are going to discuss this unique method in more depth in the pursuing sections of this guidebook.
china factory Automatic Folder Gluer & Strapping Machine with ISO9001 High Quality and Manufacturer manufacturers