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Merchandise Description

380V 7.5hp ac motor speed manage 5.5kw variable frequency push

frequency converter freqency inverter ac driver



Product Description

Merchandise Specifications
Basic perform Over load ability G type:a hundred and fifty% rated recent 60s180% rated current 3s
P type:120% rated current 60s150% rated current 3s
Torque enhance Automobile torque improve purpose Manual torque boost 0.1%~thirty.%
V/F curve Linear V/F, multi-point V/F and square V/F curve(electrical power of 1.2,1.4,1.6,1.8,2)
V/F separation 2 ways: separation and semi-separation
Acc./dec curve Straight line or S curve acceleration and deceleration method,
4 types of acceleration and deceleration time. Acceleration and deceleration time range from .0s to 6500.0s
DC braking DC braking frequency:.00Hz to optimum frequency. Braking time:.0s to 36.0s
Brake recent price:%-a hundred%
Jog manage Jog frequency selection:.00Hz~50.00Hz 
Jog acceleration/deceleration:.0s~6500.0s.
Simple PLC   It can understand at greatest of sixteen segments speed
Fundamental function  Multiple segment pace managing Running by way of the created-in PLC or management terminal.
Developed-in PID It is effortless to understand procedure-controlled closed loop manage method.
Vehicle voltage regulation (AVR) It can hold consistent output voltage routinely in the case of change of community voltage.
Over-voltage/existing stall control It can restrict the managing voltage/existing immediately and stop frequent more than-voltage/existing tripping throughout the working method.
Rapid recent restrict Lessen the over-current fault, shield regular procedure of the AC CZPT .
Torque limit & management “Excavators” traits, automatically restrict torque during operation, avert regular more than-recent tripping. Closed loop vector method can understand the torque control.
Personalized perform Instantaneous stop CZPT -end When instantaneous CZPT off, voltage reduction is compensated through load feedback energy, which could make AC CZPT preserve working in a limited period of time.
Quick recent restrict To keep away from AC CZPT regular above-recent fault.
Timing manage Timing management operate:established time assortment 0Min~6500.0Min.
Running Command resource Operation panel reference, manage terminal reference and serial conversation port reference. These channels can be switched in CZPT modes.
Frequency supply There are completely eleven varieties of frequency resources, these kinds of as electronic reference, analog voltage reference , analog existing reference, pulse reference, MS velocity, PLC, PID and serial port reference.
Input terminal five digital input terminals.
2 analog enter terminals.
1 supporting -10V voltage enter or ~20mA current input terminal.
Output terminal two digital output terminals.
2 relay output terminals.
two analog output terminals, supporting ~10V voltage output or ~20mA existing output.
Keyboard operation Keyboard potentiometer Outfitted with keyboard potentiometer or coding potentiometer.
Keyboard procedure Protection perform It can apply CZPT -on motor short-circuit detection, input /output stage reduction defense, in excess of existing security, more than voltage safety, beneath voltage safety, overheating safety and overload defense.
Atmosphere Using location Indoor, and be free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, flamable fuel, oil smoke, vapor, drip or salt.
Altitude Under 1000m
Ambient temperature -10 ºC to +40 ºC (Derating use when underneath ambient temperature of 40 ºC to 50 ºC)
Humidity Significantly less than 95%RH,without having condensing
Vibration Less than 5.9m/s  (.6g)

Item Parameters

Type Drive motor Electricity capacity Input existing Output present Dimension(mm)
Single phase CZPT source: 220V, 50/60A
M550-M0004M1 .four .five five.4 two.5


M550-M0007M1 .seventy five 1 8.2 4


M550-M0015M1 1.5 two fourteen seven

142*eighty five.5*113

M550-M0007G1 .seventy five 1 4.two four

152*one hundred and one*117

M550-M0015G1 one.5 2 14 seven

152*a hundred and one*117

M550-M0571G1 two.2 3 23 10

152*one zero one*117

Three stage CZPT provide 220V ,50/60hz

M550-M0040G2 4 5 18.1 sixteen


M550-M0055G2 5.five 7.5 28 twenty five

265*one hundred sixty*171.5

M550-M0075G2 seven.five ten 37.1 32

265*one hundred sixty*171.five

M550-M0110G2 eleven fifteen 49.eight forty five


M550-M0150G2 fifteen 20 sixty five.four sixty


M550-M0185G2 eighteen.five 25 81.6 75


M550-M5710G2 22 thirty 97.7 ninety


M550-M0300G2 thirty 40 122.1 one hundred ten


M550-M571G2 37 50 157 150


M550-M0450G2 45 60 185 one hundred seventy


M550-M 0571 G2 55 70 215 210


M550-M571G2 75 100 320 300


Three period CZPT source: 380V ,fifty/60hz
M550-M0007G3 .75 one three.four 152*one zero one*117
M550-M0015G3 one.five 2 5 3.8 152*101*117
M550-M0571G3 2.2 3 five.8 five 152*101*117
M550-M0040G3 four five ten.five 9


M550-M0055G3 five.5 seven.5 fourteen.6 13


M550-M0075G3 seven.5 ten twenty.five 17


M550-M0110G3 eleven fifteen 26 25

265*one hundred sixty*171.five

M550-M0150G3 15 twenty 35 32


M550-M0185G3 18.five twenty five 38.five 38


M550-M5710G3 22 thirty forty six.5 45


M550-M0300G3 thirty 40 62 sixty


M550-M571G3 37 50 76 seventy five


M550-M0450G3 forty five 60 92 ninety


M550-M 0571 G3 55 70 113 a hundred and ten


M550-M571G3 seventy five 100 157 a hundred and fifty


M550-M 0571 G3 93 125 180 one hundred seventy


M550-M1100G3 one hundred ten one hundred fifty 214 210


M550-M1320G3 132 one hundred seventy five 256 250


M550-M1600G3 a hundred and sixty 210 307 300


M550-M1850G3 185 250 385 340


M550-M2000G3 200 260 385 380


M550-M2200G3 220 300 430 415


M550-M2500G3 250 350 475 470


M550-M2800G3 280 370 525 520


M550-M3150G3 315 400 590 585


M550-M3550G3 355 420 655 650


M550-M4000G3 four hundred 530 730 725


M550-M4500G3 450 595 825 820


M550-M5000G3 500 650 905 900


M550-M5600G3 560 750 965 950 1362*818*404.5
M550-M6300G3 630 845 1130 1100 1362*818*404.5





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Packaging & CZPT

Company Profile


Q 1: Are you buying and selling company or producer ?

We are manufacturing unit.

Q 2: How CZPT is your lead time?

Generally 3-7 times if the products are in inventory, or 10-20 times if the stocks are not enough, it is according to quantity.

Q 3: Do you provide samples ? is it cost-free or extra ?
Yes, we offer samples and demand for the samples with freight value. The sample costs will be returned if the order quantity more than 500pcs.

Q 4: What is your conditions of payment ?
We settle for T/T(thirty% deposit, 70% stability), L/C and CZPT .

Q 5: What is the standard of deal?

Solitary little carton or plywood crate.

Q 6. Is there any price reduction ?

The discount will depend on the quanlity you obtain.

Q 7. What is your supply ability?

The every day creation is 2000pcs.

Q 8. Do you supply warranty for the goods?

Of course, we offer eighteen months warranty for all the goods.

Q 9. Could M-driver supply technical assistance?

Yes, we labored 19 many years in this field and have a lot of knowledgeable engineers, they will supply answers if get a difficulty.






One-section motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic field attributes of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic subject produced by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the growth and contraction of the stator’s magnetic subject generate an electrical recent in the rotor. The existing creates the rotor magnetic discipline with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic discipline. The reverse polarity applies rotational drive to the upper and reduce components of the rotor. Considering that this pressure passes by means of the centre of the rotor, it continues to be equivalent in every direction, keeping the rotor stationary. If the rotor begins to turn, it continues to flip in the course it started out, simply because the rotor’s momentum generates a rotational force in that course. One-phase motors are employed in low-electrical power apps this sort of as ceiling enthusiasts, mixer grinders, and house appliances these kinds of as portable energy tools.
china factory 380V 7.5HP AC Motor Speed Handle 5.5kw Variable Frequency Drive companies