china Custom Chziri VFD High Efficiency 450kw Variable Frequency Inverter Zvf300-G450/P500t4m manufacturers

Product Description

ZVF300 Collection frequency CZPT is appropriate for all varieties of gadgets such as metallurgy, plastic,textile machinery,paper manufacturing equipment, food machinery, petrification tools,medication manufacture,metal and iron products,printing mechanism,packing equipment,blower supporter,water pump,hoisting products,developing materials  and so on for driving  and speeding handle of AC asynchronous motor.

ZVF300 Sequence frequency CZPT has the great influence power conservation , fine pace adjustment efficiency , stable procedure  stable operation , electrical machinery comfortable commence, shield perform and self diagnostics fault and other rewards.


Inverter Model Power
   Dimension (mm)
H H1 W W1 D d
ZVF300-G450/P500T4M 450/500 790/860 1900   950   520  

Specification and CZPT nical Indications

Item Product Description
Control Function Automated power-preserving procedure Vehicle optimize V/F curve in accordance to the load adjustments to comprehend the energy conserving operation.
Vehicle voltage regulation(AVR) When the network voltage modifications, it can control PWM output automatically to maintain constant voltage.
Developed-in PID This can sort a convenient closed-loop control technique (CLCS)and is applicable to pressure handle, flow control and other process control  .
Operation Operate Running command Procedure panel handle ,external terminal handle and COM management
Frequency placing Keypad potentiometer placing , operation panel  setting,. exterior terminal UP/DOWN placing, analog voltage signal or exterior potentiometer environment , analog present signal environment .terminal mix placing ,485 COM setting and so on.
Input Sign Forward/Reverse signalmulti-pace sign fault signal
reset signal and so on.
Output sign Programmable relayopen collector output Fault  signal output.
Multi-function analog and digital output terminal This can recognize the output of frequency recent and other bodily quantity by output -10V or -20mA DC sign and -10KHz digital sign output.
Braking operate Dynamic braking With an exterior braking resistor, the maximum braking torque may attain one hundred%.
DC Braking This can be selected when the motor starts off or stops with the action frequency of -20Hz,action existing level of -one hundred% and actuation time of -30sec., which can be established in sequence.
Other Perform Skip frequencyJog functionCounter Rotation speed trackingMomentary CZPT loss restart Frequency higher/reduced limitingAcceleration/ Deceleration manner can be adjusted Frequency meter and Voltmeter output Multi-pace/ system working Two wire method/ 3 wire mode management Wobble frequency controlMulti-function input terminal choice Fault automobile resetRS485 serial conversation .
Protection Operate Enter section loss protectionOver recent safety Overload protectionOver voltage defense Below voltage protectionOver heat defense ect.

PACKING Measurement

Inverter Model  Power (kW ) Present(A) Packing Size  (mm ) Gross Weight  (kg) Net Weight (kg)
ZVF300-G450/500T4M 450/500kW 380V 790A 1938*863*565mm/1PCS 470kg 450kg

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china Custom Chziri VFD High Efficiency 450kw Variable Frequency Inverter Zvf300-G450/P500t4m manufacturers