china Custom Automatic Folder Glue Machine with Strapping manufacturers

Product Description

 1. CZPT matic carton folding and at exact same time to end the tape paste which is conserve time and labor power
two. Can be employed for diverse dimensions cartons and measurement alter is straightforward and CZPT .
3. CZPT run is steady and reputable, packing end result is robust and good.
4. CZPT operation is basic and easy for maintenance.
5. CZPT matic collimator angle, one hundred eighty diploma correction, effective corrective the carton seem fork and tail phenomenon.




one. Handle Panel:

Contact Display Enter procedure is easy, device adopt PLC controller, digital operate, touch display screen input which can modify day or speed  or other people without cease equipment, device can be automobile-feed paperboard, automobile-folding, automobile-counting and vehicle-stacking output, standard pace is 160pcs/min and CZPT . speed is 220 pcs/min.

two. Feeding portion

one).Paperboard top adjustment component is undertake high good quality metal, can fast adjust diverse specification cartons, this sort of as top and duration.
2). The suction belt of feeding component adopts the substantial-tech resources, rigidity layer seamless joint the girdle which safeguard device everything nicely in managing.
3). Suction motor and principal motor of feeding element adopts ZheJiang brand name which is large security.
four). Adopt the large good quality electromagnetic clutch and brake program so that make feeding component can be solitary paper or continuous procedure which successful handle the paperboard waste and output precision.
five). Pat component of feeding has effective decrease error of manual procedure and improve the security of paper feed.



three. Folding and gluing component:

one). CZPT undertake CZPT pean model, with operate of balance, pace adjustment fast and without sound air pollution.
2). Seamless joint ring conveyor belt of folding element undertake imported particular substance which is higher friction and large put on-resisting, can complete automated folding precisely.
three). Gluing component adopt high quality stainless metal gluing wheels, glue coated evenly,and can effective to help save glue.
four). Folding element equipped with single channel creasing correction and six coining system which can precision and successful to appropriate paperboard’s pressing line deviation and make carton complete folding correctly.

4. Correction stacking output component:

one). Stacking component has features of vehicle-counting, stack neatly and stacking output, CZPT er can set the output variety of cartons by himself.
two). CZPT matic correction, stepless speed variator correction, computerized correct CZPT -regular cartons.

5. Elements introduction:
one). CZPT is 380V/AC, CZPT is 11.5kw, strength conservation and large effectiveness.
2). PLC computer factors,frequency parts and electric appliance all adopt high good quality imported elements.
three). Belt adopts CZPT ring and seamless belt.
four). CZPT adopt CZPT model “TR bearing”
5). Spiral screw,guide screw and nut all adopt forty five# stainless metal with quench remedy.
6). CZPT nut adopt substantial top quality copper (ZQSn10-1), use-resisting and resilient, CZPT existence and push precision is high.
seven). Copper bush(ZQSn6-6-3) with oil lubrication, wear-resisting and durable
8). CZPT is managed by wi-fi remote system, can alter paper measurement fast and conveniently

6. CZPT parameters: 

Model MJZXJ-1-8571 MJZXJ-1-1571 MJZXJ-1-1224 MJZXJ-1-1424
Max. Size 800*2000mm 1000*2400mm 1200*2400mm 1400*2400mm
Min. Measurement 170*470mm 260*650mm 260*650mm 260*650mm
Installation location 3200*11500mm 3400*12500mm 3600*12500mm 3800*13500mm
Energy Required fifteen.0KW fifteen.0KW 15.0KW fifteen.0KW
Max. Working CZPT 220m/min 220m/min 220m/min 220m/min
Typical working CZPT 200m/min 200m/min 200m/min 200/min
Device CZPT ght 6800kg 7500kg 7500kg 8000kg

Note: If you require any other size, kindly feel totally free to let us know. We can make the equipment based on your sizes.


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china Custom Automatic Folder Glue Machine with Strapping manufacturers