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Product Description

Insulated Jacketed Wall Heating Reaction Mixing Keeping Tank With Stirrer .

1 sugar mixing tank  

TankCapacity(L) 200, SS304 300, SS304 500, SS304 a thousand,SS304
REV 36r/min 36r/min 36r/min 36r/min
Electrical motor of the agitator .55KW,380v,50hz .75KW,380v,50hz .75KW,380v,50hz one.1KW,380v,50hz
Heating Region(M2) .9 1.1 one.9 4.five
Material Input/output(DN MM) 38 38 38 fifty
Outdoors DEMENSION(L*W*H)MM 900*900*1600 one thousand*a thousand*1500 1100*1100*1700 1400*1400*1750
GROSS Bodyweight(KGS) 150 200 300 450


steam vessel five hundred litres
Material: Ss304
* Variety: With Jacket and insulation
* Interior shell thickness: 3 mm
* Jacket thickness: 3 mm
* Outer shell thickness: 1.5 mm
* Visual appeal: Ellipsoidal head leading and down manhole and pipe will be as the photograph you sent to us
* Components:
(1) Manhole covers
(2) Charging/discharging hole at the base,
(3) CIP CZPT ing ball
(4) Steam heating tube
(5) Rack & blender etc.
(6) the electrical motor
Agitator mixing tank
one. A lot more than 10 several years knowledge
2. Ability: 100-5000L
three. CZPT r
4. CZPT -created remedy
Steam heating chemical agitator tank mixing tank
PME Multi-function Mixing Reactive Mixer/ vacuum homogenizer mixer

Substantial speed disperser, may mixing and disperse viscously. Solid and liquid uncooked content can dissolve material which is hard to dissolve these kinds of as AESAESALSA throughout liquid generation which can preserve power usage and shorten generation time period.
Major blender adopts stepless pace variator gadget and under lower temperature and higher viscosity situation, less air bubble will be shaped
It is suitable to generate liquid washing merchandise
It can give out materials directly or matched with screw pump.

Double wall steam heating tank
Le-layer tanks are broadly utilized in the beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and method indusries employed as blender tank, buffer tank, and storage tank, which cleanable to sanitary expectations.
Doublewall steam heating tank configuration:
CIP cleaner
Adjustable trangle bracket
The rmometer
Liquid lever meter and controller
Eddy-evidence board
Dismountable inlet assembly
Sanitary breathing include
We can supplies one-layer, dual-layer, and a few-layer stainless tanks with or with out agitation to blend solution.
Item identify: Blending tank / Mixing tank
MOQ: 1 set
MOC: CZPT steel quality 304/306L
OEM experience: 30yea
Product Identify
Vertical mixer, Mixing tank, Mixing vessel
Applicable selection:
1. Employed as liquid storage tank, liquid composing tank, momentary storage tank and liquid blending tank etc.
2. CZPT in fields such as meals, dairy merchandise, fruit juice drinks, pharmacy, chemical business and biological CZPT and so forth.
Framework qualities
1. Undertake composition of internal tank and exterior package, with warmth preservation materials within.
two. CZPT are all sanitary stainless steel.
three. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.nized framework style and straightforward to work.
four. Changeover region of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to make certain no useless comer of sanitation.
Configuration of tank
one. Quick open manhole.
2. A variety of varieties of CIP cleaners.
three. Fly and insect resistant sanitary respiratory include.
4. Adjustable triangular bracket.
five. Dismountable materials input pipe assembly.
6. Thermometer (In accordance to CZPT er specifications ).
7. Ladder (In accordance to CZPT er demands).
8. Aspect blender.
9. Liquid degree meter and lever controller (In accordance to CZPT er requirements).
ten. Eddy-evidence board.

It can be manufactured according to specific requirements of CZPT ers.
Insulated Jacketed Wall Heating Reaction Mixing Holding Tank With Stirrer .

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china Cheap Insulated Jacketed Wall Heating Reaction Mixing Holding Tank with Stirrer manufacturers