china Cheap Hydraulic Motor Transmission Planetary Gearbox for Industry Machinery manufacturers

Product Description

Hydraulic CZPT Transmission Planetary Gearbox for Business CZPT ry

Complex Parameter:                                                                                                 

Output Torque Selection: 1000 to 450,000 N.m

Transmissible CZPT CZPT : up to 450 kW

Gear Ratios: 3 to 9000

Equipment Unit Versions:

In line (Co-axial )

Appropriate angle (with a spiral bevel equipment established)

Output Configuration:

Foot and flange mounted

Output shaft: strong with key, spline, spline hollow,

Hollow with shrink disc

Input Configurations

Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors

Hydraulic orbit motors

IEC and NEMA motor adaptors

Strong enter shaft

Hydraulic Brake: CZPT ulically unveiled parking brake on request



Equal To CZPT Brand : 



 300 Series



Dynamic oil

RE Sequence


RR Sequence

ABOUT US:                                                                                         
ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Sector CZPT ry Co., Ltd.(previously known as ZheJiang CZPT Wall Reducer Co., Ltd. ) (  has gathered wealthy unique developing & production experience after becoming established in 1996. CZPT manufacturer planetary gear reducer has won honor of “Science

and CZPT nology CZPT ment Prize” awarded by the Countrywide CZPT Reducer & Variator Business Affiliation.
We generate planetary gear models, planar double-enveloping CZPT pace reducers (cone CZPT reducer), CZPT cal-bevel gear motors, CZPT reducers, CZPT cal CZPT motors, CZPT cal equipment motors and a lot of other types of equipment units. CZPT gear motors and gear models have given satisfactory efficiency in distinct industrial purposes, including metallurgy, mineral, architecture, shipbuilding, petroleum blend, aviation area-flight, carry routeing, textile mechanic, cement, pharmaceuticals, pumps, common mechanic and other domain.
With the gain of substantial top quality & competitive price tag, CZPT equipment motor and equipment units are broadly welcomed in the domestic market and exported to CZPT Asia, Center Asia, North CZPT ica and CZPT pean countries etc.
With the superb tests plan, CZPT company is constantly retaining up with the most CZPT d engineering in the planet. We have presently obtained DNV-ISO9001: 2008 certificate,SGS, CE and so forth and a patent on CZPT branded gearbox. 
We have adopted CZPT d CAD and CIMS in layout & manufacture, which aid CZPT engineers produce 3 – 5 series of new productive items each and every 12 months. All personnel in income & services department are nicely educated termly, therefore you will be usually warmly welcomed and understood by CZPT business


Single-section motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic field characteristics of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic discipline made by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the expansion and contraction of the stator’s magnetic subject generate an electrical recent in the rotor. The recent makes the rotor magnetic discipline with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic subject. The reverse polarity applies rotational power to the higher and reduce components of the rotor. Because this power passes via the centre of the rotor, it stays equal in each and every course, keeping the rotor stationary. If the rotor commences to flip, it carries on to switch in the route it began, simply because the rotor’s momentum creates a rotational power in that route. Solitary-section motors are employed in reduced-electricity purposes such as ceiling fans, mixer grinders, and household appliances this kind of as moveable electrical power tools.
china Cheap Hydraulic Motor Transmission Planetary Gearbox for Industry Machinery manufacturers