china Cheap Glass Polishing Machine CT9325e Glass Straight Line Edging Machine manufacturers

Item Description

Machine Introduction
The equipment is glass 9 motors straight line edging device,, employed for grinding and polishing the base edge and edge of flat glass. A unique telescopic platen is employed to grind glass of diverse thicknesses. The device is easy to operate and secure. The CZPT rails can be moved in parallel to adjust the thickness of the glass for easy and exact operation. The chamfering grinding wheel adopts pallet, and there is no vibration for the duration of grinding. The main transmission is frequency conversion speed regulation.
The particular component is the  enter conveyor rack to be vertically  adjustable up and down ,the operate is to adjust the grinding volume by rotate the rotation handle ,and the grind amount  digital exhibit.

Complex parameters
Wheels: 9 .
operating velocity: .6-6.0m/min
Max. arris width: 2.5mm
Min. glass size: 60mm
Glass thickness: 3-20mm
Overall CZPT : 18.75kw
Complete dimension: 6.6×1.0x2.6m
Overall excess weight: 2800kg

one#:Diamond wheel
a hundred and fifty*12*8*8  one hundred#
2#:Diamond wheel
150*12*8*8 240#
3#:Resin wheel
one hundred thirty*twelve*fifteen*ten 240#
4#:Polishing wheel
5#:Resin wheel
a hundred thirty*twelve*fifteen*twelve 240#
6#:Polishing wheel
a hundred thirty*sixty*35
seven#:Resin wheel
one hundred fifty*12*15*10 240#
eight#:Sprucing wheel
a hundred and fifty*70*40
nine#:Sprucing wheel
one hundred fifty*70*35

Product advantage:
1. Undertake frequency variator as major transmit system,high or lower velocity all sleek and no vibration, minimal sounds.
two. Electronic screen glass thickness.3) Undertake manual filling function lubrication system , straightforward to keep the skateboards which for help grinding motors.
4) The last motor for sharpening flat bottom glass, adopt double pace method motor.
5)  4 layer water-proof brush, easy to replace.
six) CZPT d CZPT beam configuration.Exceptional layout of straight pallets for easier substitution and servicing.
seven) CZPT and rear rails: large top quality cast iron, not simply deformed.
8) Primary machine entire body, supporting pillar, all adopting substantial high quality iron casting.
nine) Dovetail grinding head plate: high quality forged iron, expert processing, no gap, steady and vibration-cost-free for the duration of perform.
10) Waterproof brush: large elasticity, higher temperature resistant.
eleven) The pads and chain are adopted CZPT manufacturer in CZPT . The CZPT and rear splints are all branded “lobster”, and the chain adopts the “Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.hua” brand name in HangZhou.
BSK9325 Principal elements record

Name      Description Amount Manufacturer
Front and rear platen Specific stretch black movie, a lot more tough and wearable Entrance:98 pcs
Rear:ninety six pcs
Rubber pads special stretchy rubber    
Chain great tensile toughness 4 established XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.HUA
Watertight brush Higher elasticity and high temperature resistant wire    
Motor P2/2.2 KW For flat bottom glass grind 4 set CDQC
Motor CZPT and minimal pace P4/1.5-2.2KW The final motor for flat base glass grind 1 set CDQC
Motor P2/2.2 KW For glass chamfering grind two established CDQC
Motor P2/2.2 KW For glass chamfering grind two set CDQC
Variator pace handle motor P4/2.2 KW For the whole machine transmission 1 set XL-motor
Glass thickness travel CZPT P4/.25 KW For the glass thickness adjustment 1 established  
Water pump motor0.25 KW For drinking water circulation from  water tank one set  
Control transformer   one established CHNT
Thermal relay   twelve pcs CHNT
A.C. contactor   twelve pcs CHNT
On-off button   12 pcs


Water tank   one pcs  


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china Cheap Glass Polishing Machine CT9325e Glass Straight Line Edging Machine manufacturers