china Cheap Automatic Box and Making Carton Corrugated Folder Gluer Machine manufacturers

Product Description


Benefold  is made up of pursuing sections:



  1. Individule motorised shipping and delivery with multi tooling for variable formats for carton
  2. Digicam equipped for operator welcoming
  3. Viberator attached for hefty corrugated sheet
  4. Vacuum system to flat down the bending sheet
  5. Imported high friction belt
  6. Exact and sleek feeding


Facet register and Pre fold unit


  1. Sheet fed and situation corrected on this unit to ensure next phase to fold
  2. Large precision side information
  3. Top adjustable against paper thickness
  4. Triple guiding system


Folding Device and crash lock bottom


  1. Extra CZPT for box of larger dimensions,person friendly with positions of distinct varieties
  2. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.t tooling for crash lock bottom


four & 6 corner tooling


  1. Variety of 4/6 corner tooling for containers from various sorts
  2. Japanese servo technique driven


Electric Management Program

  1. Imported PLC controls the operation of equipment and self diagnose monitoring method(screen screen).
  2. Electrical factors and electrical wiring adopt EU CZPT d security standards.(CE authorized)


1450 1100
Max. Structure 1450 x 1300mm 1100x1000mm
Min. Structure 400x360mm 180x110mm
Substance cardboard,corrugated carton E/B/A flute
Pre-fold 180° for onest fold and 135° for 3rd fold
Max. CZPT 300m/min.
Electrical power use 13kw 12kw
Energy AC380V 3P50HZ
Internet CZPT ght 7tons 6tons
Dimension 12800 x 2250 x 2120 mm(L x W x H) 11800x1950x2120mm

No. Title:                                           Brand
1     Primary CZPT                                        ZheJiang Hansheng  
2     CZPT CZPT                             ZheJiang Hansheng
3  Frequency Transformer                   Korea LG
4     PLC                                         Korea LS
5     Interface                                         Japan Omron
6     CZPT ctromagnetic Clutch                  ZheJiang Chain-Tail
7     Stepless velocity variator                   Japan MIKI
8     Operation Belt(4mm)                           Japan NITTA
9     CZPT Belt (conveyor carboard belt)    Italy SAMPLA
10   Paper CZPT Belt                               Japan NITTA
11   Synchronous timing belts                USA CZPT , Germany Obi
12   CZPT ctrical Components (contactors relays)  Japan CZPT
13   CZPT CZPT s                         Japan NACHI,NSK,IJK
14   Air CZPT                            HangZhou JUCAI
15   Photoelectric Switch                     Japan Panasoinc


An AC motor is a variety of motor that utilizes the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC power drives the motor. It is a recent that periodically reverses route and changes its magnitude of the present above time. This present is the opposite of a immediate current or “DC” which flows in only one course. AC motors can give a relatively efficient way to create mechanical strength from a basic electrical input sign.
china Cheap Automatic Box and Making Carton Corrugated Folder Gluer Machine manufacturers