China 1.8 Degree Hybrid Bipolar 57mm step motor + Drive dm542 + power supply Nema23 Cnc Stepper Motor Kit with Good quality

Warranty: 3months-1year
Product Quantity: nema23
Section: two
Variety: Hybrid
Present / Phase: 4.2A
Action angle: 1.8deg
Motor length: 112mm
Existing: 4.2A
Resistance: .9Ω
Inductance: 3.8mH
Keeping torque: 2.8N.m
Variety of prospects: 4
Detent torque:
Rotor Inertia: 800g.cm²
Crucial terms: CNC step motor kit
Packaging Specifics: The sample is packed in carton,the batch with plastic pallet
Port: ZheJiang

Action Angleone.8°
Temperature Rise80℃max
Ambient Temperature-20℃~+50℃
Insulation Resistance100 MΩ Min. ,500VDC
Dielectric Strength500VAC for 1minute
Shaft Radial Perform.02Max. (450g-load)
Shaft Axial Play.08Max. (450g-load)
Max. radial force75N (20mm from the flange)
Max. axial drive15N
Model No.Step AngleMotor LengthCurrent/PhaseResistance/PeriodInductance/PeriodHolding Torque# of LeadsDetent TorqueRotor Inertia
( °)(L)mmAΩmHN.mNo.Kg.cmg.cm²
JK57HS41-10061.84117.180.forty eight6250150
Over only for agent products, merchandise of unique ask for can be manufactured according to the customer request. Suited Energy Supply Parameters:
Electricity Offer ModelEnter voltageOuput voltageEnergyBodyweightSize
S-a hundred and twenty-24AC110V/220VDC24V120W.45kg199*99*42mm
S-240-24AC110V/220VDC24V240W.6kg200*one hundred ten*50mm
S-two hundred-36AC110V/220VDC36V200W0.48kg199*ninety nine*42mm
S-360-36AC110V/220VDC36V360W0.7kg215*a hundred and fifteen*50mm
Energy Offer Attributes:This series of goods has robust flexibility and can be utilized to various kinds of merchandise this sort of as lamps, monitoring, stability, communication gear, and so forth. You may possibly get:1. 3 or 4 Pcs JK57HS112 (Nema 23 Hybrid Stepper Motor) + 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Pcs Power Source + 4 PCS JKDM542 Driver + other partsNoted: If you want other motor combinations, you should ship inquiry to us or make contact with us straight.
No.Output VoltageMotor AmountOffer AmountDriver Other
124V4pcs stepper motorone / 2 / 3 / 4 PCS4pcs —— JKDM542board + cable + usb
236V4pcs stepper motor1 / 2 / 3 / 4 PCS4pcs —— JKDM542
Motor Features:1. Reduced heat (static, the current is practically zero, no warmth).2.Smoothing (dependent on the suggestions vector place vector present manage algorithm and vector smoothing filtering engineering, the traditional stepping motor troubled lower frequency resonance has a really excellent resistance).3. Applicable sector: dispenser / woodworking equipment / welding machine / screw machine / zipper device / winding equipment / placement machine / packaging device / engraving equipment / laser device / LED / digital equipment.4. Large torque output in some situations can simplify the complexity of the machine. Software: JKONGMOTOR’s stepper motors are broadly utilized in engraving equipment, slicing plotter, textile equipment, Universal Set Screw Shaft Mounting Collar 3D printer, medical units,stage lights gear, robot, CNC machine, audio CZPT and other industrial automatic tools. Motor Driver Parameters:
Input voltageeighteen~60V DC
Output currentone.0A~4.2A(Peak)
Input Current<4A
HumidityNot condensation, no drinking water droplets
Utilizing setting-10 ~ 45 ℃, avoid dust and corrosive fuel
Storage setting-forty~+70℃
Motor Driver Attributes:1、Average existing manage, 2-stage sinusoidal output present drive2、8 channels output stage present setting 3、Offline command input terminal4、High start speed5、High hording torque below large velocity 6、High efficiency, low price7、Opto-isolated signal I/O8、Overvoltage, beneath voltage, overcorrect, phase brief circuit defense 9、15 channels subdivision and automated idle-existing reduction10 、Motor torque is related with speed, but not connected with action/revolutionThe link in between the driver and the two-stage hybrid stepping motor is four-wire. The motor windings are linked in parallel and in series, and the relationship approach is very good. The large-speed functionality is excellent, but the driver existing is big (1.seventy three times the motor winding recent). The push present is equal to the motor winding current. The attribute of the output torque:one) The greater the genuine recent of the motor, the greater the output torque, but the a lot more copper loss (P=I²R) of the motor, the much more warmth the motor generatestwo) The higher the offer voltage of the driver, the higher the substantial-speed torque of the motorthree) It can be witnessed from the instant frequency attribute diagram of the stepping motor that the higher velocity is smaller than the medium and reduced pace torque. HangZhou CZPT Co., OEM Modifying ring din 705 high top quality alloy metal shaft collar for motor shaft Ltd was a substantial engineering business zone in HangZhou, china. Our goods utilized in numerous varieties of devices, these kinds of as 3d printer CNC machine, health-related equipment, weaving printing equipments and so on.JKONGMOTOR warmly welcome ‘OEM’ & ‘ODM’ cooperations and other firms to build lengthy-term cooperation with us.Company spirit of sincere and great reputation, won the recognition and assist of the broad masses of customers, at the very same time with the domestic and international suppliers close neighborhood of pursuits, the firm entered the stage of phase of benign development, laying a solid foundation for the strategic aim of realizing only genuinely the sustainable development of the organization. 1. Can you make the gearbox or gearmotor with custom specs?Yes. We have powerful R&D capability, also a fantastic phrase of engineers, each of them have many operate years encounter.2. Do you provide the samples?Of course. Our organization can give the samples to you3.Do you offer technological innovation help?Indeed. Our firm have powerful R&D ability, we can provide technological innovation assistance if you require.4. why should you get from us not from other suppliers?Specialist one particular-to-1 motor personalized . The world’s large organization of option for large good quality suppliers . ISO9001:2008 top quality administration system certification, by means of the CE, ROHS certification.5. How to ship to us?We will ship the samples to you in accordance to the DHL or UPS or FEDEX and so forth account you supply.6. How can I know the product is suitable for me?Frist, you need to give us the a lot more particulars details about the item. We will recommend the product to you according to your necessity of specification. Following you affirm, we will put together the samples to you. also we will supply some good advances according to your solution use.

The Benefits of Using a Gear Motor

A gear motor works on the principle of conservation of angular momentum. As the smaller gear covers more RPM and the larger gear produces more torque, the ratio between the two is greater than one. Similarly, a multiple gear motor follows the principle of energy conservation, with the direction of rotation always opposite to the one that is adjacent to it. It’s easy to understand the concept behind gear motors and the various types available. Read on to learn about the different types of gears and their applications.

Electric motor

The choice of an electric motor for gear motor is largely dependent on the application. There are various motor and gearhead combinations available, and some are more efficient than others. However, it is critical to understand the application requirements and select a motor that meets these needs. In this article, we’ll examine some of the benefits of using a gear motor. The pros and cons of each type are briefly discussed. You can buy new gear motors at competitive prices, but they aren’t the most reliable or durable option for your application.
To determine which motor is best for your application, you’ll need to consider the load and speed requirements. A gear motor’s efficiency (e) can be calculated by taking the input and output values and calculating their relation. On the graph below, the input (T) and output (P) values are represented as dashed lines. The input (I) value is represented as the torque applied to the motor shaft. The output (P) is the amount of mechanical energy converted. A DC gear motor is 70% efficient at 3.75 lb-in / 2,100 rpm.
In addition to the worm gear motor, you can also choose a compact DC worm gear motor with a variable gear ratio from 7.5 to 80. It has a range of options and can be custom-made for your specific application. The 3-phase AC gear motor, on the other hand, works at a rated power of one hp and torque of 1.143.2 kg-m. The output voltage is typically 220V.
Another important factor is the output shaft orientation. There are two main orientations for gearmotors: in-line and offset. In-line output shafts are most ideal for applications with high torque and short reduction ratios. If you want to avoid backlash, choose a right angle output shaft. An offset shaft can cause the output shaft to become excessively hot. If the output shaft is angled at a certain angle, it may be too large or too small.

Gear reducer

A gear reducer is a special kind of speed reducing motor, usually used in large machinery, such as compressors. These reducers have no cooling fan and are not designed to handle heavy loads. Different purposes require different service factors. For instance, a machine that requires frequent fast accelerations and occasional load spikes needs a gear reducer with a high service factor. A gear reducer that’s designed for long production shifts should be larger than a machine that uses it for short periods of time.
A gear reducer can reduce the speed of a motor by a factor of two. The reduction ratio changes the rotation speed of the receiving member. This change in speed is often required to solve problems of inertia mismatch. The torque density of a gear reducer is measured in newton meters and will depend on the motor used. The first criterion is the configuration of the input and output shafts. A gear ratio of 2:1, for example, means that the output speed has been cut in half.
Bevel gear reducers are a good option if the input and output shafts are perpendicular. This type is very robust and is perfect for situations where the angle between two axes is small. However, bevel gear reducers are expensive and require constant maintenance. They are usually used in heavy-duty conveyors and farm equipment. The correct choice of gear reducer for gear motor is crucial for the efficiency and reliability of the mechanism. To get the best gear reducer for your application, talk to a qualified manufacturer today.
Choosing a gear reducer for a gear motor can be tricky. The wrong one can ruin an entire machine, so it’s important to know the specifics. You must know the torque and speed requirements and choose a motor with the appropriate ratio. A gear reducer should also be compatible with the motor it’s intended for. In some cases, a smaller motor with a gear reducer will work better than a larger one.

Motor shaft

Proper alignment of the motor shaft can greatly improve the performance and life span of rotating devices. The proper alignment of motors and driven instruments enhances the transfer of energy from the motor to the instrument. Incorrect alignment leads to additional noise and vibration. It may also lead to premature failure of couplings and bearings. Misalignment also results in increased shaft and coupling temperatures. Hence, proper alignment is critical to improve the efficiency of the driven instrument.
When choosing the correct type of gear train for your motor, you need to consider its energy efficiency and the torque it can handle. A helical geared motor is more efficient for high output torque applications. Depending on the required speed and torque, you can choose between an in-line and a parallel helical geared motor. Both types of gears have their advantages and disadvantages. Spur gears are widespread. They are toothed and run parallel to the motor shaft.
A planetary gear motor can also have a linear output shaft. A stepping motor should not operate at too high current to prevent demagnetization, which will lead to step loss or torque drop. Ensure that the motor and gearbox output shafts are protected from external impacts. If the motor and gearbox are not protected against bumps, they may cause thread defects. Make sure that the motor shafts and rotors are protected from external impacts.
When choosing a metal for your gear motor’s motor shaft, you should consider the cost of hot-rolled bar stock. Its outer layers are more difficult to machine. This type of material contains residual stresses and other problems that make it difficult to machine. For these applications, you should choose a high-strength steel with hard outer layers. This type of steel is cheaper, but it also has size considerations. It’s best to test each material first to determine which one suits your needs.
In addition to reducing the speed of your device, a geared motor also minimizes the torque generated by your machine. It can be used with both AC and DC power. A high-quality gear motor is vital for stirring mechanisms and conveyor belts. However, you should choose a geared motor that uses high-grade gears and provides maximum efficiency. There are many types of planetary gear motors and gears on the market, and it’s important to choose the right one.

First stage gears

The first stage gears of a gear motor are the most important components of the entire device. The motor’s power transmission is 90% efficient, but there are many factors that can affect its performance. The gear ratios used should be high enough to handle the load, but not too high that they are limiting the motor’s speed. A gear motor should also have a healthy safety factor, and the lubricant must be sufficient to overcome any of these factors.
The transmission torque of the gear changes with its speed. The transmission torque at the input side of the gear decreases, transferring a small torque to the output side. The number of teeth and the pitch circle diameters can be used to calculate the torque. The first stage gears of gear motors can be categorized as spur gears, helical gears, or worm gears. These three types of gears have different torque capacities.
The first stage helical gear is the most important part of a gear motor. Its function is to transfer rotation from one gear to the other. Its output is the gearhead. The second stage gears are connected by a carrier. They work in tandem with the first stage gear to provide the output of the gearhead. Moreover, the first stage carrier rotates in the same direction as the input pinion.
Another important component is the output torque of the gearmotor. When choosing a gearmotor, consider the starting torque, running torque, output speed, overhung and shock loads, duty cycles, and more. It is crucial to choose a gearmotor with the right ratio for the application. By choosing the proper gearmotor, you will get maximum performance with minimal operating costs and increase plant productivity. For more information on first stage gears, check out our blog.
The first stage of a gear motor is composed of a set of fixed and rotating sprockets. The first stage of these gears acts as a drive gear. Its rotational mass is a limiting factor for torque. The second stage consists of a rotating shaft. This shaft rotates in the direction of the torque axis. It is also the limiting force for the motor’s torque.

China 1.8 Degree Hybrid Bipolar 57mm step motor + Drive dm542 + power supply Nema23 Cnc Stepper Motor Kit     with Good qualityChina 1.8 Degree Hybrid Bipolar 57mm step motor + Drive dm542 + power supply Nema23 Cnc Stepper Motor Kit     with Good quality
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